Thursday, July 17, 2008

Why Google Slows Down Acquired Companies

Time to talk about real business now.....

Why Google Slows Down Acquired Companies

Google is a do good, no evil company. For entrepreneurs who build great companies, getting acquired by Google is probably one of the best news you can ever hear. They make tons of money and get a great opportunity to work at a great company. What about your "baby" that made you all this fame?

A further look at Google's historical acquisitions somewhat reaffirms the demise of startups within Google, with a few exceptions. (

Feedburner and YouTube are obviously doing great. Well, monetization is still a big question mark, but they are certainly in the leading pack.

Isn't technology integration part of the diligence question during the acquisition process? If so, do entrepreneurs care if they get mired in the Google's proprietary stack?