Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tech Bubble 1.0 Stars: Where Are They Now?

Tech Bubble 1.0 Stars: Where Are They Now?

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  1. Amazing how many of these Web 1.0 generation entrepreneurs move on to start other companies.
  2. Almost all of them did not get the same high visibility in the new Web 2.0 era. If successful (in this case fame does not necessarily equate to successful outcome of the company/founder) entrepreneurs can better run companies afterwards, why haven't I heard of almost all of the companies founded by these guys? Is it even a good indicator?
  3. SAI missed out on some of the biggest names like Marc Andreessen, Mark Cuban, etc. They are obviously around, still doing some great stuff.
  4. Some of these guys completely failed to create any shareholder value but ended up with pretty good retirement plan. Hey, Spitzer, interested in investigating these dudes? Oh yeah, you're not having a good time these days.

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