Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Why am I penalized for being "green"?

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I'm by no means an expert in green stuff or clean tech, but the energy industry just has this strange behavior of penalizing green consumers.

"Green" spans from organic foods, consumer products (i.e. 7th Generation), wind energy, solar energy. I can understand the premium on the organic foods and consumer products. Many of these products are sold at Whole Foods where the shopping experience is better than other local grocery shops. Also, organic foods are supposed to be healthier for me anyways, so I pay premium to get the luxury of experience and health.

I've been trying to embrace green energy as a consumer for a while, but I just can't justify the price hike. Seriously, I'm all about being green. I sort all recyclables, trash appropriately. NSTAR (MA utility company) often sends me an email saying how good it must feel good to be green and how I'm improving the global warming and what not. Oh, Glory America, a country driven by the fear of world coming to an end. What NStar is doing is to induce fear and guilt to convince consumers to adopt green energy. But, but, where's the economic benefits? Not even that, why are you penalizing me with the additional ~10% increase in utility bill?

Where's the "premium"? Would my light bulbs be fluorescent? Am I being just too capitalistic and not environment-friendly?

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