Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Silicon Valley Trip - Day 1

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

Here in Mountain View, sitting at a quiet cafe, I'm sipping on a delicious cup of latte.

I met a few startups and investors yesterday. Nothing was really new.
  • Due to the economic downturn and surge of available time, Silicon Valley sees more companies and innovations
  • Entrepreneurs are laser-focused on doing what they're supposed to be doing: improving product and engaging more customers. This applies to both well and under-capitalized companies. Many are cautiously hoping for revenue generating opportunities.
  • Weather is scattered shower, sunny, and cool. I was wearing a t-shirt, and people kept asking me, "Aren't you cold?" Nope, my skin thickened quite a bit with lipids and adipose tissues.
  • Building products is cheaper than ever.
I want to say something more explicit about the last bullet. I've been hearing the mass exodus from Google, and how the company turned into a monster like Microsoft praying on innovators in the Silicon Valley. All that aside, entrepreneurs were integrating Google Docs, Calendar, Tasks, Maps, and many other products by using the free API.

Google's main and only revenue source may be from its wildly successful ads operation. At the end of day, the company's turning all that revenue into enabling many other technology innovations among startups.

Without further due, "Google, you the man!"
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