Tuesday, April 21, 2009


John Sculley: Don't Be Afraid to Make Tough Decisions

Monday, April 20, 2009

Disengaging from Social Media

I've been trying out various social media tools to engage with other online audience personally and professionally. I got into the social media ecosystem that I'm getting to the point where the incremental value of utilizing another social media tools (at least in the contact management sector) is close to zero.

The best tools so far has been Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, and it should be no surprise.

I tried to make sense out of more extreme professional contact management tool by using Plaxo. Today, I declare the permanent "uninstallation" of Plaxo... forever.

I get too many spams and don't really get much value out of Plaxo. My contacts (including me) don't really update the contact information up-to-date. There's not really a reason to visit the Plaxo website. The desktop tool just flashed and uses up my CPU for no reason other than the software doing nothing.

Bye, bye, Plaxo. Although I never got to know you, you've already made yourself a fame by getting acquired by Comcast.
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