Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cracking the App Store

Phew, I've been away for a while. For those of you not aware of where I've been since my last post, I've been deep in my neck doing iPhone app marketing. I'm managing the product marketing of LogMeIn Ignition. It's been a blast and challenging experience at the same time.

I spent more time than I ever imagined browsing, trending out, and building models to crack the App Store Code. Yes, I cracked it all.... would be a straight out lie.

What I come to realize is that there are at least thousands of developers and marketers trying to crack the App Store code. It's the out-of-the-box marketing, both on-deck and off-deck integrated marketing of iPhone app to find the customers who buy into the iPhone apps.

In the future, I'll put up some thoughts around what I find interesting about the App Store. For the starter, here they are:
  • Ranking is not the most important thing. Yes, ranking gives additional visibility. If you're in the top 50, you are in the first page on iPhone App Store. If you're in the top 100, you're placed in iTunes App Store. Think about the cause and effect of ranking? Are you getting boost to sales because of ranking, or is it the other way around?
  • App Store economy is evolving. It almost feels like I'm back to the 90s when Yahoo! created an internet directory. App Store is just that. It's got its own kinks and will need to improve.
This is a starter.

Thoughts for today - focus on the customers. Not ranking. Not competitors. Just customers!
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