Monday, April 5, 2010

What's that "+" sign in App Store?

If you are like one of the millions people getting the first look at the App Store this past week, you probably realized that the App Store looks dramatically different now.

My early question about the iPad App Store, "Oh no, do I have to buy another app for my iPad?" This is partly true. Look for the "+" sign. This mean that the app is a "universal binary".

To the ordinary people like me, universal binary means nothing. What it means is that the app would work for both iPhone and iPad, and users get the optimized experience from the same app. Some developers went the route of selling a "HD" or "for iPad" app, requiring the new iPad owners to shell out more for the same app that they own for the iPhone.

For those of you who are more frugal, look for the "+" sign. You'll easily find some developers more kind than others.
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