Friday, September 3, 2010

Android's Most Popular App is Problematic

I have no doubt in my mind that Android will be a successful platform. It already outsold Blackberries, stealing shares from iOS, and mobile companies are jumping all over the Android ecosystem.

With the App Store, Apple brought native app back to life. It's the app world now. When consumers buy an iPhone or iPad, one of the first destinations is to check for interesting apps. Angry Birds, LogMeIn Ignition (yah, shameless plug), Twitter, and Fruit Ninja are all great apps. Great user experience, awesomely fast. In fact, I spend so much time within the apps on mobile devices that browser acts like just another app. I'm pretty convinced that Angry Birds can never be so much fun on a mobile Safari.

There comes a report from Quantcast.

iOS is losing it's browser market share. Android is going up to the right. Bad news for Apple. Not!

If I was Steve, I'd be thinking, "This is awesome. App Store is growing like weed, we're distributing more and more money to developers, and developers are excited to make more apps". As an app developer, Android's upward trends in browser usage makes the Android platform less attractive.

Is this is sign that Android's most popular app (i.e. browser) is problematic?

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