Tuesday, January 11, 2011

App Store vs. Internet Boom

Back in the day, when the Internet was just about get introduced to the public, organizing the internet properties to be easily searchable was a horrendous task.

Comes in Yahoo!, and they changed everything. Here's Yahoo! circa 1994. The concept was so revolutionary. Some mastermind academics from Stanford set out to categorize website in a way that's easily navigable. Consumers can now search and find the websites to their likings. Super cool, revolutionary magical, whatever you want to call it. (let's not get into what kinda shithole that this awesome company has gotten into 15 years later. :) )

Fast forward 13 years or so, a tiny company called Apple and its CEO Steve Jobs shamelessly copied this idea, hired a few awesome designers, throw some modern 21st technology behind it, and created something call the App Store.

It started pretty small, but the audacious plagiarism of old 20th century paid off. See the similarities between Yahoo! and App Store? They are all categorized into seemingly random group of things that may match consumers interests. People can not pick their interests, browse, and get the apps that they want.

One innovation that App Store added on top of Yahoo! is the editorial and chart. They showcase the apps that they think are interesting, so they get more visibility.

App Store is gorgeous, and it works well....... most of the time. I'm not trying to trash the App Store or any other app stores for that matter.

The point is that this beautiful looking thing will seem arcane in the near future. As the app economy evolves to be something as big as the web (probably much smaller but much bigger than what the web was over 10 years ago), there's gotta be some other ways to make app discovery easier and faster. Just like Google killed the portal business, there'll be something else. What startups will disrupt this? I don't know, but let the revolution begin.